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Educating Girls Also Saves The Earth

Our Mission, in Cambodia

Happy Chandara was founded in 2005, by the French NGO Toutes à l’école. It provides a high standard of education to the poorest girls, entirely free of charge. They will thus become women capable of playing a useful role for their country and building a world that is fairer, more human and more respectful of our planet.Happy Chandara is a complete school including a primary school, a middle school, a high school, 2 dormitories, a medico-social centre, 2 students homes in Phnom-Penh and an agroecology programme.

Today, more than 1700 girls are educated in our school, which is 15 km from Phnom Penh. Each year, 100 new young girls join the school. They will be accompanied throughout their schooling and their university or vocational studies until they get their first job.

Who We Are

Tina Kieffer – Founder and President

After a years-long career in print and audiovisual journalism, including a stint as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine, Tina Kieffer established the NGO Toutes à l’école following a transformative trip to Cambodia in 2006, where she met an orphaned girl who would later become her fifth child.

Her goal is to promote and advance girls’ education in Cambodia. To this end, she spearheaded the media campaign ‘La Rose Marie Claire’ to finance the construction of Happy Chandara, a school in Cambodia named after her adopted daughter. In 2009, she made the decision to leave Marie Claire and the media sphere to devote herself entirely to Toutes à l’école. Since then, she has split her time between fundraising efforts in France and overseeing the school in Cambodia, which has evolved into a comprehensive campus, providing education to 1,600 girls and young women hailing from extreme poverty.


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How We Work Financially

Happy Chandara School is primarily funded by caring godparents who cover the school fees for our girls.

What sets our association apart is the special bond between the godparents and their goddaughters. The girls send letters to their godparents three times a year to nurture a strong and meaningful connection, while some godparents come to meet their goddaughters in our school.

Alongside the godparents’ generosity, fundraising events are held annually with the team based in Paris. We collaborate with major French brands who support us and enable us to cover all the expenses for the seamless running of the school.

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